[Scribus] Adding Text Frame to Master Page

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Dec 6 19:23:59 CET 2005

John wrote:

>     Scribus doesnt (yet) support putting content into frames shown on
>     pages that
>     exist in master pages. Place your content on the master page.
> Thanks for the fast response.  So if every page of my document 
> requires a Text Frame in a certain location, I have to manually create 
> each one?  I thought there must be some way to do this, because page 
> numbering works with Text Frame, no?

What's easy enough to do is to set up the first page with an empty 
frame, then use Page > Copy... for as many copies as you need. You can 
save your pages with empty frames as a file and reuse later. Set the 
protection bits to keep from changing it.


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