[Scribus] Adding Text Frame to Master Page

John nesredep
Tue Dec 6 22:27:42 CET 2005

> What's easy enough to do is to set up the first page with an empty
> frame, then use Page > Copy... for as many copies as you need. You can
> save your pages with empty frames as a file and reuse later. Set the
> protection bits to keep from changing it.

Thanks Greg, that seems like a good approach indeed.  I haven't tried it yet
because I'm hung on page numbering now.  Way back when I used 1.2x I was
able to get page numbering to work, and now in 1.3 I can't.  Very
discouraging when each trivial thing takes hours of time.  The curse of
being stupid, I guess.

When I started having trouble, I went hunting in the Wiki (again!), and
Googling, and I can't find anyplace that accurately describes how to do page
numbering.  I got the key code CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-# from Craig's post in this
thread. But only Page 1 shows up; all the rest say just Page.

In my searches, I found places where Scribus page numbering is done with a)
CTRL-#, b) ALT-#, and c) just plain # (so described in a Linux magazine
article).  The one thing I never found ANYPLACE was the key combination that
Craig described in his email.

I would welcome any advice on: a) HOW to find things in the Wiki (I checked
for page numbering in the HOWTO and Tips)--also did "website" Google--is it
in there, correct and up to date?

and b) how to get my page numbering to work (I already created a Text Frame
on Left and Right Master Pages, and on each I typed "Page " and then hit
Craig's #code.

I saved, and tried "apply Master page" etc, but the first page says Page 1
and all the rest say either nothing, or Page.


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