[Scribus] Adding Text Frame to Master Page

John nesredep
Tue Dec 6 14:00:59 CET 2005

> Yes, but with page numbers you can insert the page number character..
> control-alt-shift-p or insert from the menus. Placing this in a text frame
> on
> a master page will give you page numbers on all pages this master page is
> applied to. Remember you need the number of #s for the number of
> numbers/letters shown as the page number.

One last thought--a possible workaround.  If I want to have one particular
Text Frame on every page, does this make sense:

At the time of creating the new document, select the checkbox "Automatic
Text Frames".  Then, on each master page, use the margins to determine where
the Text Frame goes.  Use Guides to replace the margins.  (Assuming that
margins have no real "power" over text placement, and could just as well be
replaced by guide lines).

Sorry for my confusion--seems like Scribus 1.3 is sooooo close to being able
to generate Text Frames automatically.  If only we could create
pseudo-margins on a master page, and then use the "Automatic Text Frame"
feature that already exists...

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