[Scribus] RIP problem

Schmid Franz franz.schmid
Tue Dec 6 15:44:50 CET 2005

You wrote on Tue. 06.12.2005:

>My community newspaper is due to start publication a week on Friday. 
>I have sent previous Scribus-produced PDFs to my commercial printers before
>he told me that they were to his specs and that they would print no
>Last week I uploaded all 16 PDF pages and today was meant to go and look at
>printed proofs.
>He's now telling me that - while they can open the PDFs without any
>- when the try to place them on their RIP the processor won't read them.
>Tick box checked: Use Custom Rendering Settings
>Black: Frequency 75: Angle 45: Spot function Round
>Cyan: Frequency 75: Angle 15: Spot function Round
>Magenta: Frequency 75: Angle 75: Spot function Round
>Yellow: Frequency 75: Angle 0: Spot function Round
And this seems to be the source of the problems, Scribus-1.3.2cvs has here a
bug in the PDF-Exporter, it writes out these properties in a wrong way.
Is it possible that you don't use the "Use Custom Rendering Settings"?
Normally the RIP should automatically use the optimal settings. There
is normally no real need for setting the Spot function and the Frequency.
Please try exporting with "Use Custom Rendering Settings" unchecked.
I will try to fix that bug asp, but i can't guarantee that its fixed before
Friday evening.
Franz Schmid
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