[Scribus] Problem between 1.3.2 OS X and 1.2.1 Linux

me at guybouchard.ca me
Wed Dec 7 03:35:45 CET 2005


I want to use a nice DTP program (Scribus) on my iBook and desktop  
(Vector Linux) computer.

Right now i have 1.3.2 installed on the iBook. Everything seem to work.

I have 1.2.1 installed on the Vector Linux Box.

Everything seem to work (i only begin to use it).

I have done a page on 1.3.2 (Mac).

Was not able to open it on the 1.2.1 (Linux). I got nothing. Nothing  

I tried a 1.2.1 (Linux) page on the 1.3.2 (Mac) version and Scribus  

Are they known issues?

Do i have to upgrade my 1.2.1 to 1.3.? on the Linux box?

If so can i do it since the Vector Linux is based on slackware?


Guy Bouchard
35 du Bel-Air
Matane, QC

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