[Scribus] OT: Print Shop management software?

Gary Ritchie gary
Wed Aug 24 18:48:09 CEST 2005

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:

> Hi Gary,
> I did a quick and dirty translation of the Dutch website in the hope
> it will be useful:
> What is OpenDDP?
> The concept:
> OpenDDP is an open and extensible software platform for the world of
> digital printers. It intends to collect and to offer the technical
> information flow with respect to digital inkjet printers through
> different channels, inter alia the internet. The concept contains 3
> projects that are still at the development stage. These are:
> 1. The Open Print Management System (OPMS):
> The ONLINE DEMO of OPMS: http://www.openddp.com/demo
> More detailed documentation: oddp_opms_170305.pdf [362.45 KB].
> The Print Management System is an Open Source project, developed by
> OpenDDP. It emerged from the necessity of reproducing a correct colour
> on digital inkjet printers over many years. It also offers the
> possibility to control print production, measure efficiency and to do
> cost analysis. Particularly, the system aims to store print jobs with
> all their parameters and, by doing so, making reproduction of these
> jobs a bit easier. Automation becomes possible by defining an open
> user interface between the PMS and another system. Information on the
> materials used, such as substrates and inks can also be kept up to
> date with the system. Along with numbers on the consumption of paper
> and ink, a correct analysis of costs can be made. The PMS works as a
> web server that is accessible for any PC connected to that network.
> All stored information is available and can be loaded to the internal
> IT system
> 2. The Open DDP internet platform:
> More information to follow
> 3. Online printer profiling:
> More information to follow
> If you have any questions, you shouldn't hesitate contacting the
> developers at info at openddp.com. The Dutch have a good reputation
> for their knowledge of foreign languages.
> HTH,
> Christoph
> _______________________________________________ 

Thanks, Christoph... And thank you all for the responses.

This is what I remember seeing on my client's print shop -- a brochure
about PrintSmith: http://efi.com/products/printsmith/

Basically the product manages an electronic job ticket with integrated
accounting and estimating. When reviewing the features it became clear
that there are a number of Open Source products that already deal with
some of the features -- individually. There just hasn't been a soul
brave enough to integrate them into a package specifically made for
print shops.

If there are brave souls out there I could come on board to work on the
GUI, graphics and xhtml/css needed.

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