[Scribus] OT: Print Shop management software?

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Aug 20 01:48:01 CEST 2005

Hi Gary,

I did a quick and dirty translation of the Dutch website in the hope it 
will be useful:

What is OpenDDP?

The concept:

OpenDDP is an open and extensible software platform for the world of 
digital printers. It intends to collect and to offer the technical 
information flow with respect to digital inkjet printers through 
different channels, inter alia the internet. The concept contains 3 
projects that are still at the development stage. These are:

1. The Open Print Management System (OPMS):

The ONLINE DEMO of OPMS: http://www.openddp.com/demo

More detailed documentation: oddp_opms_170305.pdf [362.45 KB].

The Print Management System is an Open Source project, developed by 
OpenDDP. It emerged from the necessity of reproducing a correct colour 
on digital inkjet printers over many years. It also offers the 
possibility to control print production, measure efficiency and to do 
cost analysis. Particularly, the system aims to store print jobs with 
all their parameters and, by doing so, making reproduction of these jobs 
a bit easier. Automation becomes possible by defining an open user 
interface between the PMS and another system. Information on the 
materials used, such as substrates and inks can also be kept up to date 
with the system. Along with numbers on the consumption of paper and ink, 
a correct analysis of costs can be made. The PMS works as a web server 
that is accessible for any PC connected to that network. All stored 
information is available and can be loaded to the internal IT system

2. The Open DDP internet platform:

More information to follow

3. Online printer profiling:

More information to follow

If you have any questions, you shouldn't hesitate contacting the 
developers at info at openddp.com. The Dutch have a good reputation for 
their knowledge of foreign languages.



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