[Scribus] Manual draft for scribus 1.4 on the Wiki

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Tue Aug 23 16:52:31 CEST 2005

>[snip] ... is to update the
>excellent tutorial written by Niyam Bhushan. I specifically asked him
>to write that, *not* me for some very good reasons. That Niyam is a 
>professional writer shows. He graciously licensed it under the FDL
>for others to enhance and update.

I understand we wait for an answer from Niyam.

When I look back to this tutorial, I still find it very useful. Of 
course, many many things have changed, some menus are not there where 
you expect them anymore and some features are new. But basically, 
this takes users by the hand through more than Scribus. Laying out a 
publication is exactly the purpose here. What the tutorial basically 
tells you is you can do just what you want with Scribus. (I am *not* 
saying it shouldn't be updated.)

I think the users so far have a fair amount of willingness to learn 
and have developped to a high level their skills to learn by 
themselves. When they can't figure out something, they can rely on 
the docs, the tutorial, the bug tracker, the wiki. In the end, if all 
of this falls short, they write us! Let me say I have never ever 
encountered better support for *any* software.

For the last couple of months, it seems to me we didn't get as much 
questions on this list on how to do this or that in terms of "DTP" as 
we got on installation issues, discussions at a larger level on 
various and related subjects, including platform issues, as well as 
CMYK/RGB and PDFs issues. Some of this stuff not being "Scribus 
exclusive" ;)

This tells me Scribus has come to a good level of maturity and users 
are making their way into DTP with it.

Anyway, just a few thoughts!



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