[Scribus] Manual draft for scribus 1.4 on the Wiki

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Aug 23 04:30:19 CEST 2005

PLinnell wrote:

>Placing docs content on the wiki is not appropriate IMO. The wiki's 
>best use is to point at the official stuff wherever possible and for 
>user to user help. Maciej and others have done some wonderful work 
>there and should continue. The glossary is also a very welcome 
I sort of agree with this, but I think some of Christoph's frustration 
comes from seeing things in the docs site that are now quite wrong, or 
at least hard to recognize. It would be nice to have something that 
works like the Wiki that Fedora has started up to replace the old 
fedoranews.org; something that says, "here's how this is done now in 
v1.3x" realizing it's incomplete, subject to modification, and not as 
polished as the final documentation will be.

>In my strongly held view, the wiki is not an ideal place for working 
>on manual drafts for a whole bunch of reasons technically, and in the 
>case of Scribus, esthetically.
agree with this.

>Personally, I truly wish, I or one of the other team members had been 
>contacted off-list, via IRC or even the bug tracker, well before this 
>was started. It would have prevented some wasted and duplicated 
As long as no one got hurt, my guess is, Christoph doesn't mind. Having 
worked with some voluntary organizations, it's hard to complain when 
people are spontaneously taking action.  As I skimmed through it, his 
effort was mostly the creation of a skeleton outline, and not much in 
the way of content. As Marvin the Paranoid Android might say, "Life is a 
series of wasted and duplicated efforts."

>A much better use of everyone's time and energy is to update the 
>excellent tutorial written by Niyam Bhushan.
I've thought about this, perhaps with the byline, "Some disassembly 
One of the challenges is that Scribus is such a moving target.  Having 
traveled to the land of MediaWiki, I see we're not making anywhere near 
the full capabilities of the Wiki software.


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