[Scribus] PDF-Seite bearbeiten

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Aug 13 23:55:11 CEST 2005

Hi Klaus,

first, would you mind asking questions in English? It isn't necessary, 
of course, but more people can understand your problems and will be able 
to help you.

If I understood correctly, you try to _edit_ a PDF file in scribus. The 
simple answer is: you can't. You can imort PDFs into scribus and use 
them for printing. KWord lets you edit PDFs, but I wouldn't even think 
about it, since you will certainly lose important formatting 
informations. PDFs weren't introduced to be editable, quite the contrary.

It is also impossible to edit the original QXP file in scribus. From 
what I understood, the best you can do is recreate the document in 
scribus. For that purpose you can read the tutorial on 
www.scribus.org.uk. Or you can either download a manual as PDF from 
http://www.bomots.de or buy Holger Reibold's book "Scribus 1.2 kompakt". 
You will support scribus' development by buying a copy ;)



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