[Scribus] Scribus and Mac - last instalment for now

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Aug 14 13:04:47 CEST 2005

Elaine wrote:

> Good morning once more ... I've persuaded Scribus to launch by moving
> the framework folders individually to the Library/Frameworks folder.


> Duh. However it came about that the Scribus framework items were
> nestled inside another folder, taking them out does the trick.

Hm, I remember others have stumbled over that...

> Now that it's launching, another issue has surfaced. It spent maybe 10
> minutes looking about for fonts.

Yes, font search on startup is still slow. I've a PB G4 with 1024 MB 
RAM so it's bearable here.

>  I've a *huge* Console file on where it
> found what ... there's only the standard Panther fonts installed ... If
> you need that Console file, Andreas, I'll send it to you off-list.

That's not necessary.

>  I've
> installed the basic Panther on to the G3 powerbook I'm using - I've not
> updated to 10.3.9. The PB has only 256 ram and I'm not buying more for
> it so am sticking with the leanest instal I can. Whether the OS version
> is an issue, I'd be interested to know.

I don't think so. At the moment Scribus just opens every single font 
file to look what's in there :-(

> Also: the help files - were can I find this as a single item? It's very
> helpful to have the Help/User Guide on another computer, saves a lot of
> jiggling about with active windows. I've another powerbook sitting
> around doing nothing so could put the help on that - and the tutorial.

Find the location of Scribus in Folder, CTRL-click on its icon and 
select "Show contents". Then follow these subfolders: Contents -> share 
-> scribus -> doc -> en.
Unfortunately this consists only of an unlinked collections of html 
files at the moment.

> Each to his/her own - programming is not for me. I'm grateful to my
> friend for introducing me to Macs - I was 58 when I bought my first
> computer.

Cool. Always impresses me when people your age are open for something 

> Had it been a doze machine or something more complex which
> needed tweaking and command typing I would not still be using a
> computer. Now at 63, there's a few precious years left which, for me,
> are better spent in the garden, travelling and being with my partner,
> than mistressing the intricacies of C:\ or the *nix equivalent.

Understandable. I'll try to put up an installer, not for the next 
snapshot but for the following one. Might also do something about font 
search at startup.

> Thank you to everyone who's helped, I'm looking forward to giving
> Scribus a test drive - something I have got some familiarity with is
> desktop publishing, at least in its basic form. There's a sample copy
> of the newsletter I do (was using Pagemaker for this one) at
> <http://homepage.mac.com/ozorgans/>.


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