[Scribus] Brother 5170ND laserprinter - worth the money?

Jean-Jacques Sarton jj.sarton
Sat Aug 13 22:49:27 CEST 2005


Sebastian R?der schrieb:
> I have a hardware question:
> I have a Brother 5140 laserprinter at home that works quite OK with CUPS and 
> ghostscript-esp on Linux. However the Windows GUI for the printer driver as 
> much better on windows and offers more functions, e.g. printing n pages per 
> paper and such.

Mehrere Seite pro Blatt is eine Software funktionalit?t der Software auf
den Rechner.

> Now I wonder whether it's worth the money to replace the printer with the 
> higher modell 5170DN - with duplex funtion and print server (both very 
> usefull here for my everyday work for the university) and exspecially: 
> PostScript Level 3 support (instead of only PCL6 emu. of my current printer).
> My idea is that I can drop ghostscript-eps in favor of *-apfl with a plain 
> postscript printer, use the .ppd of the printer and access all the functions 
> it offers (e.g. duplex under Linux, too). Now I would be glad if somebody 
> could tell me whether this ideas are right and whether there are good or bad 
> experiences with this printer.

Ich habe mit diesem Drucker keine Erfahrungen. Duplex und ?hnliche
feature werden bei den Drucker die dies k?nnen und die ich kenne unter
Linux unterst?tzt.


Jean-Jacques Sarton

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