[Scribus] Scribus issues

John R. Hogerhuis jhoger
Fri Aug 12 23:04:17 CEST 2005

While I'm still working on answers to questions in response to my
original ones, I came up with a few more issues while using Scribus:

I'm not sure what is causing it but when I Get Text into linked text
boxes after opening and closing the Story Editor on different boxes in
the chain I end up with portions of the text being chopped up and
distributed/orphaned between the text boxes, such that if I edit a given
text box the SE only shows the portion of the text that happens to be in
that box. But the only sure fire way to get text to reflow when I make
edits (i.e., add or delete text to an earlier text box in the chain) is
to delete all the text, relink the text boxes and Get Text again.

Am I doing something wrong? What I would expect is that opening the
story editor on any of a collection of linked text boxes should give the
whole story. Deleting any text boxes in the chain shouldn't matter...
whatever text boxes are left should inherit the story. So I suppose it
is possible that I'm mistakenly unlinking boxes or something... but even
then, it's kind of surprising that text gets orphaned in the box. 

If A->B->C and I delete the link between A and B I would expect A to get
all the text and B->C to become empty.


Undo operation doesn't seem to include edits made in the text box

No autoscoll when drag-highlighting text and moving past the end of the
screen. Actually no autoscroll anywhere... if I adjust a text box size
by dragging a control past end of the screen it should scroll so I can
see what I'm doing. As it is I have to let the handle go and manipulate
the scroll bar.

Select-all when inside the text box, text tool selected should
select-all w/in the text box, not all objects in the document. Also,
when the caret is flashing inside a text box shift-arrow keys should
select text, not move the text box. I'll consolidate all of these text
tool issues into one bug if I find it's not in the tracker.

While dragging out a vertical guide a spurious black line appears
temporarily on the display

When click on the screen with the Selection tool a spurious selection
dashed-line box shows up on the screen and leaves a nice snail trail
which doesn't go away until you trick it into repainting

I noticed that when I hover over a selection handle wanting to resize a
text box, that it changes to a double-ended arrow icon. But then when I
go to drag the handle I ended up selecting the foreground object. Either
it should let me grab the handle to do the adjustment, or it should
never have changed to an adjustment icon since the appearence of the
adjustment icon implies what the action will be if I start dragging the
mouse pointer.

Anyway I still plan to answer questions and enter these as bugs... just
wanted to cull my list a little bit and get some clarity first. Also I'm
a Scribus newbie so it may be valuable to devs to see what kind of
issues users (even a programmer like myself) have out-of-the-box. I
remember learning to use Quark, it was rough going at first. Some issues
I'm sure are just learning-curve stuff.

That and I'm trying to actually use Scribus for first issue of a
magazine I'm working on so these responses help me just from a user

-- John.

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