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Craig Ringer craig
Fri Aug 12 13:12:05 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-12 at 12:36 +0200, Craig Bradney wrote:
> On Thursday 11 August 2005 18:43, John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
> > 	c) Can I move the baseline of pasted object up or down at all?

> c) I think so, dont have it running right now to go search.

It's a very new feature - sufficiently so that Franz disabled it for the
1.3.0 release since it wasn't really ready. In time more support should
be possible, especially with the text layout engine work being done

> > 4) I had a circumstance where I resized a text box (smaller) and the
> > text within it shrank! The style applied to the text hadn't changed
> > according to the text editor. But I reapplied the style that I wanted
> > there hit the green checkmark and it was corrected. It wasn't just an
> > on-screen issue... when I made a PDF of it, it also had smaller text.
> You used the key modifier to resize the frame and the text.

I wonder if we can make this affect the text by changing the listed pt
size, and horizontal scaling factor, rather than using a "magic"

I guess the magic scaling transform is more flexible and simpler when
text frame contents get more varied. It might need to be shown in the UI
somewhere, or even extended to other frame types as a generic "contents
scale factor"(?).

> > 6) Horizontal rules above and below should be allowed as a paragraph
> > style property. As it is I had to paste an inline image to get an
> > approximation of the effect that I wanted (horizontal lines separating
> > sections of an article).
> Vertical above and below? They are in the para styles editing window.

I'm pretty sure the original poster's intent was to suggest support for
automatic insertion of horizontal rules above and/or below a block of
text with a given paragraph style.

If so, please file a feature request on http://bugs.scribus.net/ . There
is some ongoing work on the text engine (thanks guys!) and it'll be
worth bringing that up for consideration in the design of that.

> > 7) Once an inline image object is pasted it would be really good if it
> > was still editable.

Again, it's a new feature. Hopefully supportable in time. Some planned
refactoring of the code in ScribusView and PageItem might make this
simpler than it currently is, but that is taking a long time to achieve
(and I can't complain - I'm hardly helping right now).

Again, if you could file a feature request bug on this it'd be helpful
for keeping track, though I don't know if there's any near-term work
happening that'll enable support for that specific feature. Maybe Franz
has something cooking quietly ;-)

> > 8) It appears there are no bulleted lists or numbered lists... ack. I
> > could deal with it though if Scribus had a hanging indent tab like Quark
> > does. I want something like this:
> >
> > *	weifjoiwjef
> > 	wejfiwejf
> >
> > But that's really hard to get without a hanging indent tab unless I do
> > line breaks manually (which I refuse to do).
> Perfectly possible with hanging indent, just not by tabs only by distance.

Full bullet list support is planned in time. Again, the current text
engine work may well bring that closer. As with many things there's no
deadline or completion date on that. In the mean time, I'd refer to
Craig Bradney's comments above.

> > 9) If there's a way to change the current paragraph style when not in
> > the text editor mode, I haven't been able to discover it.
> Edit->Paragraph Styles

If your meaning was how to apply a style to text, rather than edit a
style, you'll be wanting to edit the frame on the canvas, select the
paragraph you wish to alter (or simply put the cursor in that paragraph)
then use the properties palette to apply the style.

If the whole frame is selected, a style change affects the whole frame.
If, in editing mode, a block of text in the frame is selected, the
change only affects that block.

In the long term, it's probably desirable to make the distinction
between applying a style to the whole frame, and to text within it,
somewhat clearer. It's probably not a big deal though. Hope the above

I'd recommend having a look around the bug tracker, wiki, and docs site.
You'll find that bullet support, for example, is in the tracker:


as are some of the other issues mentioned. The 1.3.x roadmap on
http://wiki.scribus.net/ may also be informative.

Craig Ringer

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