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Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Aug 12 23:19:47 CEST 2005

On Friday 12 August 2005 23:04, John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
> While I'm still working on answers to questions in response to my
> original ones, I came up with a few more issues while using Scribus:
> I'm not sure what is causing it but when I Get Text into linked text
> boxes after opening and closing the Story Editor on different boxes in
> the chain I end up with portions of the text being chopped up and
> distributed/orphaned between the text boxes, such that if I edit a given
> text box the SE only shows the portion of the text that happens to be in
> that box. But the only sure fire way to get text to reflow when I make
> edits (i.e., add or delete text to an earlier text box in the chain) is
> to delete all the text, relink the text boxes and Get Text again.

Should be showing all the text from all frames.

> Am I doing something wrong? What I would expect is that opening the
> story editor on any of a collection of linked text boxes should give the
> whole story. Deleting any text boxes in the chain shouldn't matter...
> whatever text boxes are left should inherit the story. So I suppose it
> is possible that I'm mistakenly unlinking boxes or something... but even
> then, it's kind of surprising that text gets orphaned in the box.

As above.. works ok here.

> If A->B->C and I delete the link between A and B I would expect A to get
> all the text and B->C to become empty.

Yes.. thats how it should work.
> Also:
> Undo operation doesn't seem to include edits made in the text box

Not coded yet. Awaiting various other changes.

> No autoscoll when drag-highlighting text and moving past the end of the
> screen. Actually no autoscroll anywhere... if I adjust a text box size
> by dragging a control past end of the screen it should scroll so I can
> see what I'm doing. As it is I have to let the handle go and manipulate
> the scroll bar.

Not yet.

> Select-all when inside the text box, text tool selected should
> select-all w/in the text box, not all objects in the document. Also,
> when the caret is flashing inside a text box shift-arrow keys should
> select text, not move the text box. I'll consolidate all of these text
> tool issues into one bug if I find it's not in the tracker.

Works here. 

> While dragging out a vertical guide a spurious black line appears
> temporarily on the display
> When click on the screen with the Selection tool a spurious selection
> dashed-line box shows up on the screen and leaves a nice snail trail
> which doesn't go away until you trick it into repainting
> I noticed that when I hover over a selection handle wanting to resize a
> text box, that it changes to a double-ended arrow icon. But then when I
> go to drag the handle I ended up selecting the foreground object. Either
> it should let me grab the handle to do the adjustment, or it should
> never have changed to an adjustment icon since the appearence of the
> adjustment icon implies what the action will be if I start dragging the
> mouse pointer.

Control Shift to select "through" levels. Control-drag to resize/move an item 
you have selected.

> Anyway I still plan to answer questions and enter these as bugs... just
> wanted to cull my list a little bit and get some clarity first. Also I'm
> a Scribus newbie so it may be valuable to devs to see what kind of
> issues users (even a programmer like myself) have out-of-the-box. I
> remember learning to use Quark, it was rough going at first. Some issues
> I'm sure are just learning-curve stuff.

Not all of its perfect now.. but things take time.

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