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Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Aug 12 12:36:21 CEST 2005

On Thursday 11 August 2005 18:43, John R. Hogerhuis wrote:
> One way to pay for Free software is with problem reports and creative
> feature requests, so here goes (If you're not aware of any of these let
> me know and I'll spend the time to get them reproducible and make a
> decent bug report)
> Okay, I'm running 1.3.1cvs of scribus on Debian and I noticed some
> things:
> 1) Mouse text selection doesn't work right. I can't select characters up
> to the end of a single line. I have to select down to the next line to
> get it to highlight to the end of the previous line.

Dont click on the white space, but click next to the character. Should work ok 
then. Known issue, to be fixed.

> 2) I can't get import of any SVG file from Inkscape to work. No error
> messages. Sometimes I get a pointer with an icon attached to it (I guess
> this is what I want) but often I get a pointer with a "can't put it
> here" icon. In *both* cases no matter where I click the icon goes away
> and nothing happens

Will depend on the type of SVG (save as plain SVG) and then our importer needs 
some work. Please collect a set of SVGs and submit into a bug.

> 3) Inline image paste issues
> 	a) After you paste nothing appears on the screen. I have to
> 		click the mouse back where I pasted and then it paints
> 	b) Quite often where I put the caret (and click) then paste what
> 		I'm pasting into a text box turns up somewhere
> 		completely different. I can't give a better description
> 		than that just yet, I haven't looked hard enough.
> 	c) Can I move the baseline of pasted object up or down at all?

b) as above.
c) I think so, dont have it running right now to go search.

> 4) I had a circumstance where I resized a text box (smaller) and the
> text within it shrank! The style applied to the text hadn't changed
> according to the text editor. But I reapplied the style that I wanted
> there hit the green checkmark and it was corrected. It wasn't just an
> on-screen issue... when I made a PDF of it, it also had smaller text.

You used the key modifier to resize the frame and the text.

> General usability issues:
> 5) Page up, page down, end and other movement keys don't really work in
> a natural way when you're in editing inside a text box. In particular
> with linked text boxes, I would expect the cursor movement keys to
> travel between linked text boxes.

To be fixed.

> 6) Horizontal rules above and below should be allowed as a paragraph
> style property. As it is I had to paste an inline image to get an
> approximation of the effect that I wanted (horizontal lines separating
> sections of an article).

Vertical above and below? They are in the para styles editing window.

> 7) Once an inline image object is pasted it would be really good if it
> was still editable.
> 8) It appears there are no bulleted lists or numbered lists... ack. I
> could deal with it though if Scribus had a hanging indent tab like Quark
> does. I want something like this:
> *	weifjoiwjef
> 	wejfiwejf
> But that's really hard to get without a hanging indent tab unless I do
> line breaks manually (which I refuse to do).

Perfectly possible with hanging indent, just not by tabs only by distance.

> 9) If there's a way to change the current paragraph style when not in
> the text editor mode, I haven't been able to discover it.

Edit->Paragraph Styles

Thanks for your report. Let me know re some of my answer/questions...

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