[Scribus] Re: Scribus Digest, Vol 30, Issue 8

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Aug 5 10:15:35 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-08-05 at 08:44 +0100, Maurice George wrote:

> Are the Scribus team aware of this problem ?

Printing issues pop up from time to time. They're usually unrelated, and
are investigated case-by-case. Filing a bug on bugs.scribus.net with
files to test with helps a lot.

> After all, it's a serious flaw if a publishing program is often unable 
> to print !

Yep. Mostly it seems to end up being issues with the PS interpreters in
printers being unable to cope with the PostScript generated by Scribus
(too little printer memory, or limited language support) but other
issues have turned up at various points.

> Another question for the Scribus programmers : in the version which I 
> use (1.2.1), the PDF export process is not too helpful.

1.2.1 is old; LOT of things have been fixed and improved since then.

> The 'export to PDF' box has tabs for a number of controls, including 
> 'embed fonts'. If fonts are *not* embedded, the results in the saved PDF 
> are ghastly.

That's pretty much usual.

> But the 'embed fonts' tab is not 'sticky'. If I switch to another tab 
> before clicking O.K., the fonts tab reverts to 'Do not embed fonts'.

and that's a UI bug. Please upgrade to and report a bug if you
can still hit the problem there.

I don't have here to test with currently. There are some UI
issues with that dialog even in, but I don't remember the font
embedding checkbox changing being one of them.

> P.S. You might wonder why I'm not using the most recent version of 
> Scribus. The reason is that I'm using Xandros Linux, which doesn't 
> supply the latest version. And, as a Linux beginner, I'm not quite 
> confident enough to install the program manually.

Ah, ok. Well, just be aware that a lot of things have been improved and
fixed, including a couple of PDF export bugs.

Craig Ringer

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