[Scribus] Re: Scribus Digest, Vol 30, Issue 8

Maurice George mauriceg
Fri Aug 5 09:44:19 CEST 2005

> When I click 'print' in Scribus, nothing happens. No error messages, no 
> printing icon, nothing.

> Your workaround using Acrobat reader is usually works and if you have 
> font issues it might be the fonts themselves or they are not being 
> embedded when you export. You can also try printing using PS2 instead 
> of PS3.
> Peter

> I encounterd similar problems with every Scribus version I tried and an Epson 
> Color Laser Printer (AcuLaser C1900). But it doesn't happen all the time. 
> Some documents gets printed, some never gets printed. I assume it has 
> something to do with embedding large images in the scribus document... but 
> I'm not sure about that. I'm also not sure if it's a problem with scribus, 
> with cups or with the printer, but it only happens when I'm using scribus...
> Regards,
> Timo

Thanks, Peter and Timo. You've given me a few useful leads.

Are the Scribus team aware of this problem ?

After all, it's a serious flaw if a publishing program is often unable 
to print !

Another question for the Scribus programmers : in the version which I 
use (1.2.1), the PDF export process is not too helpful.

The 'export to PDF' box has tabs for a number of controls, including 
'embed fonts'. If fonts are *not* embedded, the results in the saved PDF 
are ghastly.

But the 'embed fonts' tab is not 'sticky'. If I switch to another tab 
before clicking O.K., the fonts tab reverts to 'Do not embed fonts'.

It seems that the only way to stop this is to stay in the 'embed fonts' 
tab while clicking O.K.

Does anyone know if this has been remedied in the latest version ?

Maurice George

P.S. You might wonder why I'm not using the most recent version of 
Scribus. The reason is that I'm using Xandros Linux, which doesn't 
supply the latest version. And, as a Linux beginner, I'm not quite 
confident enough to install the program manually.

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