[Scribus] Unable to print Scribus documents

PLinnell mrdocs
Thu Aug 4 11:21:15 CEST 2005

On Thursday 04 August 2005 11:02, Maurice George wrote:
> I'm using Scribus 1.2.1 under Xandros Linux De Luxe version 3;
> printer : HP Laserjet 2100 using the pxlmono driver as recommended
> by the Linux printing website.
> When I click 'print' in Scribus, nothing happens. No error
> messages, no printing icon, nothing.
> Documents in other programs print without difficulty.
> I'd be most grateful for any suggestions.
> As a temporary fix, I'm exporting the Scribus document as a PDF and
> then printing from Acrobat Reader. This creates problems with
> incorrect fonts - but that's another story.
> Apart from this problem, I'm most impressed by Scribus. It took me
> some time to adapt after using PageMaker for x years but I'm
> determined to wean myself away from Microsoft.
> Maurice George
> _______________________________________________

Having dealt with that particular printer and DTP apps I am not 
surprised. On one client's network, it was completely random. 
Sometimes it would work perfectly and sometimes no amount of driver 
changes, firmware upgrades, black magic incantation and voodoo would 
make it print. 

In general, some B&W lasers have real problems with some of the more 
advanced PS operators apps like Scribus use. Some like an ancient HP 
LJ4 happily digest most anything you can send its way, some have lots 
of problems as you describe.

I would try and get the windows version of the PPD direct from HP and 
run it through cupstestppd.

Then, install this PPD as a test in CUPS and see how it works. We have 
seen this same kind of issue with other late model HP  mono lasers.

Your workaround using Acrobat reader is usually works and if you have 
font issues it might be the fonts themselves or they are not being 
embedded when you export. You can also try printing using PS2 instead 
of PS3.

Hope that helps,

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