[Scribus] exchange data between Quark, InDesign, etc

Suki Venkat, [TnQ] skvenkat
Fri Apr 29 06:09:05 CEST 2005


It is not big-deal actually to transports InDesign or a Quark files to
Scribus. InDesign/Quark has mature XML export capabilities. The only
thing is that these things don't come ready-made, so you have to use the
assistance of scripting people or some plugins. In InDesign you can use
"Map stlyes to Tags" and may be a little bit of Javascript/VBscript to
produce the required XML. The XML files can be imported into Scribus
through DSSSL or XSLT or any scripting language like PERL/Python/Tcl.
This a professional-way of doing it. If you are layman and you want a
quick way to dump the whole thing into Scribus, then I would suggest
that you proceed this way: InDesign/Quark->Word/RTF->OpenOffice-

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