[Scribus] exchange data between Quark, InDesign, etc

Suki Venkat, [TnQ] skvenkat
Fri Apr 29 06:44:41 CEST 2005

Hi (oops my e-mail went off while I was half-way - I was trying to do
CTRL+ENTER in "Evolution" to produce "Soft Enter" like in "Eudora"),

It is not a big-deal actually to transport InDesign or a Quark files to
Scribus. InDesign/Quark has mature XML export capabilities. The only
thing is that these things don't come ready-made, so you may have to use
the assistance of scripting people or some plugins. In InDesign you can
use "Map stlyes to Tags" and may be a little bit of Javascript/VBscript
to produce the required XML. The XML files can be imported into Scribus
through DSSSL or XSLT or any scripting language like PERL/Python/Tcl.
This a professional-way of doing it. If you are layman and you want a
quick way to dump the whole thing into Scribus, then I would suggest
that you proceed this way:
 InDesign/Quark -> Word/RTF -> OpenOffice -> Scribus.

If you want to edit on PDF you have to embed the fonts fully first and
even then you can only edit a line in Acrobat Propreitary, since each
line is a separate object. If you use Enfocus Pitstop (or SDK)
proprietary stuff you can even reflow and redo even a paragraph, but the
H&J may not match with the rest of the stuff. Its true that such things
aren't there in the Linux. Well the first thing will be to make a
software that can convert PDF format to OpenOffice format which is in
the realms of possibility. I think the rest will follow. The one
important catch in all these things will be that you need to have all
the fonts used in the PDF in your system.


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