[Scribus] Picture and text frame problems

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Apr 25 05:32:56 CEST 2005

>Hi All,
>A couple of problems I'm having...don't know if they're bugs.
>Firstly with picture frames set to scale picture to frame size. 
>Every now and then, randomly, performing an action in these frames - 
>resizing, moving, locking, even just clicking on it to select it - 
>will result in the picture shrinking into the top left hand corner 
>to about 10%. Clicking again will shrink it to another 10% down to 
>near invisibility. There seems to be no way to recover the picture. 
>Going to manual scaling will enable resizing but only a pixelated 
>enlargement of the 10% size. Clearing the picture and reimporting 
>any picture into the frame in free scaling mode is OK but as soon as 
>I click the "scale to frame" option, it goes back to the tiny size. 
>The only way is to fix it is delete the frame and start again.
>Secondly, sometimes when clicking and dragging a frame from one page 
>to another the new page doesn't pick up the dragged frame and if I 
>accidently let it go, it and its contents disappear. The frame still 
>seems to exist in the page outline but with large negative X-Y 
>coordinates. Nothing I do seems to bring these back to visibilty 
>including bringing them to the front or changing x-y coordinates. It 
>wouldn't matter but sometimes the frame has part of text linked with 
>other text frames. Again, the only way to recover the text (because 
>it still appears in the story editor) is to delete the frame and 
>start again.
>Any ideas? Unfortunately I cannot reliably reproduce the behaviour.
>Scribus 1.2.1 RPM
>Mandrake 10.1

Hi Peter,

I would suggest you update to 1.2.2 cvs if possible. These are known 
issues and afaik have been solved.

As a very quick workaround and if updating is not possible at the 
moment, you can try the following:
1. Picture: try "Update picture" from the contextual menu 
(right-click). You should see your pic reappear at the desired 
coordinates. Pixelization will go away as well (unless you are 
missing resolution which is another issue).
2. Text frame: try not moving it by drag'n drop but use copy/paste 
instead and make sure of where you are when you paste. Another way is 
by using the Scrapbook (select the frame then right-click to select 
"Put in the Scrapbook").



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