[Scribus] Picture and text frame problems

Deb and Peter Zweck debandpete
Mon Apr 25 05:18:29 CEST 2005

Hi All,

A couple of problems I'm having...don't know if they're bugs.

Firstly with picture frames set to scale picture to frame size. Every 
now and then, randomly, performing an action in these frames - resizing, 
moving, locking, even just clicking on it to select it - will result in 
the picture shrinking into the top left hand corner to about 10%. 
Clicking again will shrink it to another 10% down to near invisibility. 
There seems to be no way to recover the picture. Going to manual scaling 
will enable resizing but only a pixelated enlargement of the 10% size. 
Clearing the picture and reimporting any picture into the frame in free 
scaling mode is OK but as soon as I click the "scale to frame" option, 
it goes back to the tiny size. The only way is to fix it is delete the 
frame and start again.

Secondly, sometimes when clicking and dragging a frame from one page to 
another the new page doesn't pick up the dragged frame and if I 
accidently let it go, it and its contents disappear. The frame still 
seems to exist in the page outline but with large negative X-Y 
coordinates. Nothing I do seems to bring these back to visibilty 
including bringing them to the front or changing x-y coordinates. It 
wouldn't matter but sometimes the frame has part of text linked with 
other text frames. Again, the only way to recover the text (because it 
still appears in the story editor) is to delete the frame and start again.

Any ideas? Unfortunately I cannot reliably reproduce the behaviour.

Scribus 1.2.1 RPM
Mandrake 10.1

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