[Scribus] Editing PDF, more

Howard White howardwhite
Sun Apr 24 18:12:28 CEST 2005

In addition to what I said in an earlier message, and to clarify:

1. Annotations do indeed work as advertised.
2. The document creator has to insert the annotation so that the user 
can view and edit it.
3. If you select one word in a frame and make it a PDF annotation, 
the whole frame becomes an annotation, so you can't easlily  ask the 
user to comment on this word, (and the frame text, seen as an 
annotation,  is unformatted).

So... what I still pine for is the ability to create a PDF where the 
reader can insert Notes at the location of his choice, not where he 
is limited to Annotations inserted by the creator. Adobe makes a big 
deal about Acro 7 allowing this to happen for Reader users for the 
first time, and that functionality is *not* available from Scribus.

Hope this clarifies.


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