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Asif Lodhi asif.lodhi
Fri Apr 22 01:09:00 CEST 2005

You are right, Greg! :) Somehow or other I am fixated on color management. 
But it is because of the benefits and the quality it generates (as mentioned 
in the docs). Moreover, I also read some of the Photoshop CS 8's help on 
color/device profiles earlier. AFAIK, Gimp doesn't currently support CMYK 
(though I am positive development work is going on to incorporate CMYK 
support in future releases) and, since I like Linux, I was in search of some 
open-source DTP package that does fill the bill - and that's what Scribus 
has achieved - by combining Gimp and Scribus one can, at least, try to come 
up with super presentation quality publications. I am 100% keen on using 
Scribus as the publication tool of my choice because I scanned the whole 
documentation - and there are so many features that one can't wait and start 
using the fantastic piece of software right away.

I have this chronically acute problem that I first try to do things that 
seem difficult to do (you can always do the easy stuff, anyway) - out of 
curiosity, learning thirst, bragging to my friends of my printed stuff's 
quality, or just for the fun of it - whatever you call it. The reason my 
frustration showed through is that I just got out of job and, coincidently, 
I downloaded Scribus from the Internet right after my job-quit. Now, I want 
to brush-up my resume and, that too, in Scribus - learning color management 
and pre-press stuff at the same time - yes, that's the problem :) I want to 
learn how to use color management with super perfect precision. The only 
reason I want to use Scribus is its superb "pre-press" support (as they call 
it). Otherwise, you have lots of wordprocessors (OpenOffice, KWord, etc) 
that can do the job in less time without the color management hassle.

Besides, in my city, very few people have a thorough understanding of Color 
theory (RGB-CYMK Cube, sRGB, Gamut, temperature). I also read the excellent 
online book "Grokking the Gimp" which has an excellent Color theory section. 
I want to correlate the knowledge I gained earlier from "Grokking the Gimp" 
to the Color Management capabilities of Scribus, just for the learning and 
fun - and possibly work reasons if I manage to learn it fast. In addition, I 
am also trying to learn latex (a typesetting tool in *NIX) stuff and 
researching mathematical/physics/chemistry software so that I can compose 
super-presentation quality Chemistry/Physics publications. There are so many 
reasons. Lastly, I am a small-time not-so-well-off guy and don't have a 
printer at my home. Everytime I have to run to the nearest 
wordprocessing/composing shop and get the stuff printed - that, almost 
always, doesn't give me the quality I want.

Thank you for your input.


On 4/22/05, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:
> Asif Lodhi wrote:
> > Actually, I have to write my resume and I want to read the
> > documentation, go through the tutorial and write the resume at the
> > same time as a first real exercise.
> I'm very impressed with the effort that has been generated to help Asif
> with his problem, but I worry he is getting himself sidetracked worrying
> so much about colour management.
> I use Scribus quite a bit for generating photo albums with captions and
> commentary after I come home from vacation. I have lcms installed, but
> I don't bother with profiles, because I'm just printing on my HP
> Photosmart printer, which does a great job either from Scribus or from
> the PDF via acroread.
> I would hope at some point Asif starts the learning curve with the main
> features of using Scribus -- he can always fiddle around with colour
> management later (and only if needed).
> I'm pretty obsessive-compulsive myself (and I suspect there is a high
> incidence of obsessive-compulsive people who work with DTP, especially
> on this list), but it helps to know when (and how) to turn it off 
> sometimes.
> Greg
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