[Scribus] Re: GPLed fonts

Cédric GEMY radar.map35
Mon Apr 18 09:45:57 CEST 2005

Could we say that writing a book is font-dependant or software dependant. If
this there is a misunderstanding of what should be understand by derivated
work. If we keep the meaning that any creation using a free software as to be
free, any website working with Apache should be free. Which may cause many
problem. We see that what is told here about what we call in french "mind work"
are not applied, naturally, to other free softwares activities.
I think it is not to worry : the tool (software) used is only one part of the
created object (writing, visual, music...). The derivated work, such as a
magazine, is not a develoment work, but an extra activity. More than that, the
LGPL also authorizes to have only free section in a documentation. GPL don't
seem to be exclusive. No question about tool used, only creator whish.

In France (if i can talk about our experience) creating is an individual and
personal act that is not linked to material needs. If we interpret GPL
derivated work to largely, this will not be in accordance with french laws and
this is also not made to incite people using our softwares.
Should we have to write a new Licence, i d'ont think so. I fed up with that.
Should we change the law ? or ask FSF explanation about that point. May be


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