[Scribus] Re: GPLed fonts

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Apr 19 19:34:32 CEST 2005

Marvin Dickens wrote:

>Also, FWIW, I wish I had never started this thread. I should have kept it to 
>myself and avoided the grief. My days of posting to this list are over. 
>People like you make it a big pain in the ass.
As my kids would say, Marvin, "Chill."
My comment was not intended nor constructed (AFAIK) as a Marvin "flame."
Let's face it. Our lives are full of a host of anxieties, yet somehow we 
have to go on, yes, in spite of those out there who are a pain in the ass.

But let me deconstruct my tongue-in-cheek comment a bit.  The internal 
documents of a company are neither intended nor distributed for general 
consumption, and realistically,  the idea that one would want to 
copyright in any sense an internal document is a bit of a non-sequitur.  
Once one of your documents is out there in the public eye, it's gone 
(sorry), with or without its associated font.  So let's imagine Company 
X has a load of internal documents composed of GPL'd fonts.  Who is the 
person/organization/agency that would say, "You must release these 
documents"? (Ok, except for SCO.)

At any rate, as noted by others, your points are well taken.  At this 
point people (I think) understand the issues you raise, and are either 
going to change their approach, or not.  Yet another stone on the 
anxiety heap we all get up with every day.  Scribus is bigger than this, 
and more important than this one issue.


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