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Marvin Dickens marvindickens
Mon Apr 18 06:02:41 CEST 2005

On Sunday 17 April 2005 10:23 pm, Bart Alberti wrote:
> I stand by what I said. The US Federal District courts are the first rung;
> and a preliminary ruling has no doubt 'in terrorem' (as the lawyers like to
> say) effect since nobody wants to be exposed liability. Until the court of
> appeals rules (there are eleven circuits + 2 more) or the Supreme Court
> opines, there is no real law. There are current cases which have been
> widely noticed now pending at this very moment (to be decided by June
> maybe) which will determine a lot. The g p l is quite probably generally
> valid; but it is the construction put on it by the courts, not its literal
> language, or what they, the g p l folks, think it means, that will decide.
> The German cases look to support the general concept of the g p l and its
> application; but that I think actually had a software application in view
> --- correct me if I am mistaken (also, after all, by the way, 'nmap', which
> is cited, is a program, most assuredly).
> The situation in Europe is unsettled. If the g p l is of 'viral' nature
> that may itself run afoul of the law; to the extent attracts the content of
> works, it may be invalid and a breach of the anti-trust acts besides and an
> unjust appropriation restrained by the equity courts. The shoe, which fits
> the g p l as to software, may well be over-extended as to anything else.
> Time will tell and our opinions, although well intentioned and informed
> (as, hopefully, they will be) remain, as they must, tentative and
> premature. As long as everyone is aware of the issues, harm is minimized
> Practically, then, where does Scribus get its fonts, if it cannot really
> distribute or recommend any with assurance? or hardly any? Does anyone want
> to WRITE fonts for Scribus???
> Remaining constructive and optimistic,
> I am, cordially, your humble servant,
> Bart Alberti

Apparently, our little thread is news worthy. It just got /.'ed. 


Hopefully, this will put the fsf.org and the writers of the gpl
into a position to clarify font licensing and usage.



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