[Scribus] font management?

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Apr 15 09:53:22 CEST 2005

Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:

> I can't seem to find anything out there for managing fonts. Here, I'm 
> referring to managers such as Adobe Type Manager or Extensis Suitcase. 
> Suggestions? Ideas?

I'm using sets of folders, .fonts-mac-converted, .fonts-bad, 
.fonts-supplied-testing, etc , and managing them with fontconfig's 
per-user config file ($HOME/.fonts.conf).

It'd probably be pretty easy to whip up a GUI for it, and I think 
fontconfig supports symlinks too. I'm not sure if an app can ask 
fontconfig to re-load its cache at runtime, I'll check later. If so, 
it'd be possible for Scribus to use inotify to check if the fontconfig 
cache files changed and ask fontconfig to re-load its cache, then check 
for new/removed fonts.

I'm not volunteering, though... quite enough to do already.

Craig Ringer

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