[Scribus] font management?

Paraplegic Racehorse paraplegic_racehorse
Fri Apr 15 14:30:03 CEST 2005

Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:

> I can't seem to find anything out there for managing fonts. Here, I'm 
> referring to managers such as Adobe Type Manager or Extensis Suitcase. 
> Suggestions? Ideas?
Okay. Work has been slow tonight, so I did some more extensive digging 
and managed to find two projects that appear to hold some potential:

Hamster Font Manager ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/hfm/ ) - this 
looks unmaintained for some time. Anyone in the area of Universit?t 
Stuttgart interested in introducing the authors to Scribus and suggest 
that it would be useful to renew the project?

Gnome Font Cluster Manager ( 
https://sourceforge.net/projects/gfclusterman/ ) - this one holds more 
promise, having released files just last month. Worth tracking, anyway.

I haven't actually installed or tested either one, though I plan to very 
soon. My font collection is rapidly growing and I feel the need for 
better arrangement and a versatile manager.

Added new section to Scribus Links on wiki with links to fontlinge, 
gfclusterman and hfm.

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