[Scribus] speed problem once more

Uwe Fechner ufechner
Fri Apr 15 09:11:15 CEST 2005


just to make shure, there is no hardware/ configuration issue:

What is the output of the following command (as root):

hdparm -t /dev/hda3

I get:
Timing buffered disk reads:  162 MB in  3.04 seconds =  53.25 MB/sec
(60 GB Harddisk, 7200 rpm)

(Instead of hda3 type the name of the partition, where you store your files.
To find out the correct name, type
df -h

Are you shure, more than 10% of your diskspace is free?

What gives:
as result?

I get:
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:        514404     267360     247044          0       3072     120756
-/+ buffers/cache:     143532     370872
Swap:       530136         56     530080

In my case I have 370872 Bytes free memory (this is the number, that

If you work with a large amount of text, you should edit it using the
text editor.
There is a known speed issue if you edit text in the WYSIWYG mode, it
will be improved
a little bit in the 1.3 version of scribus.



kuba schrieb:

>hi all!
>i have a strange problem using scribus and am curious if any one will know
>what may by going on. first i have to say that i'm completely new to linux
>(switched from windows few weeks ago). i was quite enthusiastic about
>possibility of using free dtp program and it's great that there is such a
>project and is developing. unfortunatelly i soon noticed that scribus
>performance on my system puts into question a possibility of using it.
>i've searched the archive a bit and found other people reporting speed
>issues but in this case the behaviour is i think quite different. when i
>put some text frames on the page it starts to work very slowly, i.e.
>display is very slow (and it is only on pages with the text). it doesn't
>seem to be connected with any particular order of joined frames (as sb
>described here) nor with any particular feature. the slowness just grows
>proportionally to the amount of text and to complexity of formating. it
>also seems independent on fonts used. what is most curious is that pdf
>exported displays just as slowly (in adobe reader 7, but also on windows)
>or even slower. the frames appear slugishly one by one and sometimes even
>cause adobe to stop responding for a while. similar pdf made earlier with
>pagemaker displays without problems virtually in real time.
>i have madrake 10.1 official, athlon 64, 1gb ram
>i tried the version provided by mandrake ass well as 1.2.2cvs rpm for mdk
>from the repository linked on scribus website. i also by some miracle
>managed to compile from sources and to compile ghostscript 8.50 and gave
>the path to it in sribus, everything according to the instructions on
>scribus site and it's exactly the same.
>any suggestions?
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