[Scribus] speed problem once more

kuba kuba
Tue Apr 12 10:56:43 CEST 2005

hi all!

i have a strange problem using scribus and am curious if any one will know
what may by going on. first i have to say that i'm completely new to linux
(switched from windows few weeks ago). i was quite enthusiastic about
possibility of using free dtp program and it's great that there is such a
project and is developing. unfortunatelly i soon noticed that scribus
performance on my system puts into question a possibility of using it.

i've searched the archive a bit and found other people reporting speed
issues but in this case the behaviour is i think quite different. when i
put some text frames on the page it starts to work very slowly, i.e.
display is very slow (and it is only on pages with the text). it doesn't
seem to be connected with any particular order of joined frames (as sb
described here) nor with any particular feature. the slowness just grows
proportionally to the amount of text and to complexity of formating. it
also seems independent on fonts used. what is most curious is that pdf
exported displays just as slowly (in adobe reader 7, but also on windows)
or even slower. the frames appear slugishly one by one and sometimes even
cause adobe to stop responding for a while. similar pdf made earlier with
pagemaker displays without problems virtually in real time.

i have madrake 10.1 official, athlon 64, 1gb ram
i tried the version provided by mandrake ass well as 1.2.2cvs rpm for mdk
from the repository linked on scribus website. i also by some miracle
managed to compile from sources and to compile ghostscript 8.50 and gave
the path to it in sribus, everything according to the instructions on
scribus site and it's exactly the same.

any suggestions?


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