[Scribus] My way of inserting pdfs and impositions

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Wed Apr 13 11:31:52 CEST 2005

Just in case someone else has had the same problem, here is my solution 
for the problem :-)

Problem: Scribus appears to be unable to print inserted pdfs other than 
in 72 ppi. Furthermore, it does not handle impositions (yet). In my 
case, I need two A4 pages on one A3 sheet and duplex.


- Export all pages to pdf (I include all fonts and use Reader 4.0 
compatibility). The resolution of any inserted pdfs should match that of 
the pdf you export.

- The beta version of Adobe Reader 7 didn't produce correct ps files, so 
I have been using the good ol' Reader 5 for it: Load your pdf file and 
print it into a ps file (I use kprinter for it).

- Now you cook this thing up with psbook and psnup. When the exported 
pdf file was "print.pdf" and the ps file is "print.ps" you might do it 
this way:

psbook print.ps printbook.ps
psnup -2 -pa3 -Pa4 printbook.ps printready.ps

- Then you send this to the printer:

kprinter printready.ps

Switch to A3 (leave it as portrait) and duplex tumble.

If you wish to control the ps file before, you may use kghostview or GGV 
for it. In Kghostview, you will have to change the page size to A3, 
otherwise it's got problems showing the pages.


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