[Scribus] Re: Scribus Digest, Vol 26, Issue 30

Maciej Hanski ma_han2000
Tue Apr 12 15:28:49 CEST 2005

On Tue, 12 Apr 2005 11:13:45 +0200
Becker.N <becker.n at swissinfo.org> wrote:

> Sorry!!! (I?m new and my english is not so well!)
> I? did?t now that I have to write in english to this list, so if ?I 
> step on somebodys food, I?m sorry abouts this.
> But  I thought scribus is available different languages, so I think 
> it don?t matter if I will post to this list in german.
> I?was not my intention to start a diskusion about what language the 
> people have to use to get help.
> The only thing I?want to know is, is there somewhere a plug-in to 
> import qxd fils in to scribus.
> Normann

"In the world of mules
There are no rules"

Please Normann, don't feel sorry and post in German again whenever you
feel like it. The international touch and friendliness of this list is
something, I'm really proud of, and actually, now and then I encourage
people to post in German, if they don't feel comfortable enough to write
in English (e.g. see
). And I really wouldn't like  those people getting discouraged for not
doing this or that on their arrival :) What really matters, is WHAT they
have to say, and if there is a choice  between saying nothing or saying
it in their native language, I'm for the latter. 

IMHO, the same  applies to anonymity. If somebody decides to not to
write under his/hers real name, there is probably a reason for doing so.
There are quite a few users on this list who are more or less anonymous
(servants, loki, "cloak&dagger" and so on) and there's never been the
slightest issue with it. 

Please all don't be too quick in saying newcomers how to behave.

best regards

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