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Becker.N becker.n
Tue Apr 12 11:13:45 CEST 2005

Sorry!!! (I?m new and my english is not so well!)

I? did?t now that I have to write in english to this list, so if ?I 
step on somebodys food, I?m sorry abouts this.
But  I thought scribus is available different languages, so I think  it 
don?t matter if I will post to this list in german.
I?was not my intention to start a diskusion about what language the 
people have to use to get help.
The only thing I?want to know is, is there somewhere a plug-in to 
import qxd fils in to scribus.

Am 12.04.2005 um 00:39 schrieb scribus-request at nashi.altmuehlnet.de:
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> From: Reinhard Quast <boss at quastweb.de>
> Subject: Re: small stamp,	Re: mailing list lingua franca was Re:
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> Am Montag, 11. April 2005 16:46 schrieb x11r6 at o2.pl:
>> Hi everyone!
>> How about to use a small stamp in title after [scribus], e.g. (fr) - 
>> for
>> french, (sv) - for swedish, etc, etc. That's makes mail-filters job
>> easier. It is good idea in similar cases.. It is not?
>> greetings,
>> --amk
> Hi,
> one more good idea is, to write under your real name. ;-)
> greetings... Reinhard
>> 2005.04.11 16:19, Craig Bradney:
>>> On Monday 11 April 2005 16:04, Carol Kankelborg wrote:
>>>> Thomas R. Koll wrote:
>>>>> Hi Normann,
>>>>> Though maybe 10% onlist will understand your German, please use
>>>>> English instead of German.
>>>> No one has responded to this, so I feel I must. Is this a change in
>>>> policy on the list?
>>>> In my few years subscribed to this list I have
>>>> seen numerous posts in German and other non-english languages
>>>> and have never seen a complaint about them. They are ignored
>>>> by those who don't speak the language and answered by those
>>>> who do. So I was surprised to see this reply.
>>> So was I. There has been no change of policy. Please feel free to
>>> write to the list in your native language, and assuming someone
>>> understands its, someone should probably reply.
>>> The team itself can read or write fully or get by in:
>>> English (US, GB, AU :) )
>>> Czech
>>> Finnish
>>> French
>>> German
>>> Luxembourgish
>>> Polish
>>> Slovak
>>> Swedish
>>> Other contributors can reply in more languages I'm sure.
>>> MOST posts are in English, and we do make announcements in English,
>>> however there is no requirement for users to post in English. Team
>>> members may actually reply in English if thats all they can write,
>>> even if they understand another language.
>>> regards
>>> Craig
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