[Scribus] Gray values on different printers

Peter Nermander m8130
Mon Apr 11 12:40:40 CEST 2005

> Just wondering wether there is a chance to "calibrate" the different
> printers' output here.

There's really no "easy" way to calibrate, or more correctly profile a printer.

> Could someone give me a hint where I can find something like a printed
> standard gray so I can compare and adjust the two printers a bit? It
> doesn't have to be professional, just want that the two come nearer to
> each other.

If you compare them, and find they don't match, what adjustment should you
make...? That's the main problem

The poor mans way is probably to use a scanner.

1. Get yourself an IT 8.7-target (for example http://targets.coloraid.de)
2. Profile your scanner using that target
3. Profile your prints using the profiled scanner and the target

Although I'm not sure what software you should use for 2 and 3... Scarse seems
to be the only open source alternative at the moment.

But such profiling will not be perfect, since the scanner might not cover the
printers full gamut.


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