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Jan Ulrich Hasecke janulrich.hasecke
Mon Apr 11 15:14:33 CEST 2005


after the sucessful thread about phantom-fonts I want to start a new one
about phantom frames. ;-)

I've made a flyer with scribus  1.2.1+cvs20050327-1. The man from the
print shop told me that there is an additional text frame in the
resulting pdf, which I could not discover in any available pdfviewer.

He uses an Acrobat Plug-In with the name "Pitstop Pro" from
http://www.enfocus.com/index.php . With this plugin he could see, select
and delete the phantom frame.

In the file there is a textframe with white text on a blue background.
While working on the file I tried blue text on white background, but it
was nicer vice versa. So I _had_ made a textframe with blue color but I
thought I had deleted it and I cannot find it in the scribus file.
Somehow the frame is not really deleted but somewhere in the file. It
was discovered in the pdf-file only because I wrongly set the blue
background to 60%, so the man at the print shop saw two textframes: 

- the good white text on 60% blue background and
- the phantom 100% blue text on 60% blue background.

I could not see it nowhere!

If one of the pdf-gurus want to have a look at the file, I can send an
url by PM to downlod it.

Jan Ulrich Hasecke

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