[Scribus] software politics

Matt matt
Wed Apr 6 04:41:21 CEST 2005

Hello Robin,

> You bring up an interesting point. Since you want one unified graphics 
> program, are you recommending that the Scribus project disband to join GIMP?

I would not advocate this, largely because the usefulness of Gimp and
Cinepaint more often overlap than that of Scribus. That is from my
perspective, and certainly others will have a different point of view.
The layout system (in scribus) seems to be its own tool, while the more
basic image manipulation systems (Gimp/Cinepaint) seem to have a common

> > But this "hate" thing [that some people in GIMP detest Robin]
> > is unfortunate. It is also something that can often be overcome.
> >From the phone # on your web page it appears you live in Florida, that you 
> may have had some exposure to politics. 
Whooooo, talk about your tangents.

> How would you overcome that split? Do you 
> always prefer a single-party system?
Nope. I like a couple, sometimes more. My reasons are far more basic,
and probably selfish. It is nice to not have to bounce from one program
to another. In my opinion, Cinepaint has a less modern interface. The
upgrades to the gimp have truly made it a pleasure to use, where the
version of Cinepaint I use is less so, but in fairness I haven't tried
0.19. As I said, its clearly an issue of convenience and has little to
do with ideology. I have read the other posts in this thread, and look
forward to the changes coming up in Cinepaint allowing for an upgraded

And this is certainly not to imply that Cinepaint is bad, I like it and
use it. I just wish that some of the functionality of was more easily
accessed from Gimp. BTW, I use Cinepaint almost exclusively for
rotoscoping image material from low end digital sources (DV, digibeta,
etc.) Occasionally I use it for retouching a high-rez/color depth
scanned image. I do realize how pathetic that seems relative to what
Cinepaint can do. I would LOVE to touch up some nice 35mm scanned images
for big screen use and then use scribus to make a brochure for it!

Robin, I am sorry that the Gimp folks and you (or your group) have an
issue. Thats a bummer. I hope one day it all works out for the best.

Again, I love all these programs, and have followed most of these
communities since their inceptions (I started using AT&T sys V flavor on
a 3B1 in 1987 or so) and now that we are further off course and topic
than anything lost in the Devils triangle, I'll say good bye. Back to
building the render farm...


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