[Scribus] software politics

Robin Rowe rower
Tue Apr 5 20:33:44 CEST 2005


> I like them all [scribus, cinepaint, and gimp], I use them all. It
> is just an inconvenience to bounce from program to program
> sometimes. Maybe someday we can get a nice unified graphics
> program, but until then, you all do good work, and I
> look forward to the advancements made by each.

You bring up an interesting point. Since you want one unified graphics 
program, are you recommending that the Scribus project disband to join GIMP?

> But this "hate" thing [that some people in GIMP detest Robin]
> is unfortunate. It is also something that can often be overcome.

>From the phone # on your web page it appears you live in Florida, that you 
may have had some exposure to politics. Did you know that the Democratic and 
Republican parties are a fork? The Republican Party was founded by Jefferson 
in 1794. In 1829 a group of Jeffersonians -- who didn't like the direction 
the faction led by Adams had taken the National Republican Party -- split to 
form the Democratic-Republicans. How would you overcome that split? Do you 
always prefer a single-party system?

In 1995 a group of UCB students in California founded GIMP. In 1998 the film 
industry funded GIMP development to create an alternative program to 
Photoshop that would run on UNIX and support deep paint. One of the GIMP 
people Hollywood hired as an employee was GIMP's official maintainer. Some 
German GNU partisans disapproved of GIMP becoming closely aligned with 
Hollywood. In 2000 GIMP repudiated the work the film industry had sponsored 
and walked away by forking it into nowhere. It was 2001 when I first heard 
about that work. After I reported on it in my column at Linux Journal, 
readers asked me to make available the source tarball. I did so in 2002 on 
SourceForge. Some GIMP folks have despised me ever since.

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