[Scribus] CinePaint

Robin Rowe rower
Wed Apr 6 07:35:07 CEST 2005


> In my opinion, Cinepaint has a less modern interface.

I agree. We had to focus on other things first because the lack of a pretty 
interface wasn't our biggest issue. It also took time for us to decide what 
would be best to do about it.

> an issue of convenience and has little to do with
> ideology.

Although I'm not religious about it, open source has everything to do with 
ideology. Anyone who thinks the software is the most important thing about 
open source is missing the best part, like thinking money is the most 
important thing in business. It's teamwork, getting to work with people you 
like and admire. It's self-sufficiency, accomplishing something for yourself 
instead of waiting for others. It's independence, building what you think 
best regardless of what others may think. It's generosity, giving something 
back to the community because you want to.

> I use Cinepaint almost exclusively for
> rotoscoping image material from low end
> digital sources (DV, digibeta, etc.)

In that case I appreciate your forebearance. CinePaint needs improvement as 
a rotoscoping tool. It probably won't be before next year, but animated 
splines are coming.

> Robin, I am sorry that the Gimp folks and you (or your group)
> have an issue.

Please don't fret about it. That some people who don't know me don't 
appreciate what I'm trying to accomplish shouldn't be made into an issue. 
It's never mattered what they think of me.


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