[Scribus] DTP principles Book

Tanzen Two-feather tanzen
Wed Apr 6 01:56:40 CEST 2005

From: "Tim Hicks" <tim at hicks.f2s.com>

> Just using my old (ish, well, 6/7 yars old) computer, which i still use
> for e-mail and such like ( has anyone herd of RISC OS,maby, but not of
> any viruses on it...0
> Anywhay, enough of the side info, ive just downloded a very nicly done
> DTP principles book, read about it and get it from, only a slight
> problem with the l's in the book though...
> http://www.drobe.co.uk/riscos/artifact1310.html
> tom

Thanks, Tim, for the short book version of how to do DTP. <smile>

I've likely read 100 books on graphic and book design, starting with titles 
that came out in the 1920s on through the 1980s. It all boils down to 
contrast, color, size, form, shape, and two other things. Mr. Hallas piece 
gets you going for sure. Lots of people in corporate offices who setup pages 
would do to read DTP Principles. <smile>

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