[Scribus] DTP principles Book

Paul paul
Wed Apr 6 00:37:35 CEST 2005

Hi Tim,

> Just using my old (ish, well, 6/7 yars old) computer, which i still use
> for e-mail and such like ( has anyone herd of RISC OS,maby, but not of
> any viruses on it...0

Guess who did most of the optimisation code, formerly of RiscStation
Ltd, brought up using Beebs and RISC OS and has ensured that should Qt
and dynamic linking become usable under RISC OS, that everything should
work on an ARM7500FE?


> Anywhay, enough of the side info, ive just downloded a very nicly done
> DTP principles book, read about it and get it from, only a slight
> problem with the l's in the book though...

I've not downloaded it yet. I doubt the principles will have changed
very much, though the software will have greatly. If it's any good, I'll
ask Dave Bradforth (the publisher - a really good friend of mine as
well) if we can have it on the Scribus website as well. It's not very
big and can do no harm.


"It is often said that something cannot be libel if it is the truth.
This has had to be amended to 'something cannot be libel if it is the
truth or if the bank balance says otherwise'" - US Today
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