[Scribus] CinePaint

Robin Rowe rower
Wed Apr 6 00:11:06 CEST 2005


> PSP can be setup to be fast, very fast, much faster than Photoshop for 
> production work.

I'm a huge fan of Paintshop Pro version 5. I love it's speed and elegant 

> When you think that PSP and FontLab, as does Scribus, use Python you would 
> think Gimp would go that way too.

Doesn't GIMP support Python? CinePaint does and we reused their code for 

> We need cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop between Scribus and Gimp don't you 
> think, to make the work flow quicker.

DnD is an area where CinePaint needs improvement.

> Sure wish Gimp or Scribus has a built-in image browser.

CinePaint is adding an image browser later this year, either by adapting 
flphoto or creating from scratch. Instead of a built-in image browser we 
want to share it as a program with DnD across apps.


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