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Tanzen Two-feather tanzen
Wed Apr 6 01:27:18 CEST 2005

From: "Robin Rowe" <rower at MovieEditor.com>

> Frank,
>> PSP can be setup to be fast, very fast, much faster than Photoshop for
>> production work.
> I'm a huge fan of Paintshop Pro version 5. I love it's speed and elegant
> simplicity.
>> When you think that PSP and FontLab, as does Scribus, use Python you
>> would think Gimp would go that way too.
> Doesn't GIMP support Python? CinePaint does and we reused their code for
> that.
>> We need cut-and-paste, drag-and-drop between Scribus and Gimp don't you
>> think, to make the work flow quicker.
> DnD is an area where CinePaint needs improvement.
>> Sure wish Gimp or Scribus had a built-in image browser.
> CinePaint is adding an image browser later this year, either by adapting
> flphoto or creating from scratch. Instead of a built-in image browser we
> want to share it as a program with DnD across apps.
> Cheers,
> Robin

Photoshop 6, 7, and 8 (CS) put in a browser like PSP, but that is when
things started to slow down. Now the work flow in CS is really slow for more
than the browser reason I'm sure, what with the 16bit color depth and other
things. I loved its Camera RAW until PSP added that to its v9.0. PSP knows
how to do things while Adobe misses the boat. I can't understand why
Photoshop became the standard and PSP didn't.

GIMP and Python, I'm not sure... others here would know.

One thing that PSP has is the ability to take a cursor drawn marquee in
InDesign and pick it up in itself, leaving the option to save the DnD as
TIFF, or whatever. Can't do that between Scribus and Gimp.

An image browser that is like either PSP or Photoshop CS would satisfy me,
for sure. I have over 65,000 images on my main RAID drive now, and I need
and have a structured way to view them with PSP and Photoshop CS. It took
Adobe years to come around to seeing such a need. PSP has had it since about
1995. <smile>

Good luck to you and CinePaint... I don't do movie, only still photos from
my Nikon.

Cheers to you and the Scribus and CinePaint teams,
Frank at web site http://yantrayoga.typepad.com/noname
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