[Scribus] CinePaint

frank gaude' tanzen
Tue Apr 5 23:04:07 CEST 2005

Hello, Robin, Peter and all!

Well, even the idea of professionalism is refreshing to hear. If we wish 
Linux to become an alternate desktop to Windows and Mac we have to offer 
software that is produced with the end-user in mind, not what 
programmers would like for themselves. About 15 years ago at work I 
heard a programmer say, "Without a good GUI Unix would die", that after 
seeing what Mac and Windows was doing in that area. And he was so right 
on target. <smile>

Now when it comes to graphic design: a seamless blend of programs is 
what is needed. Since the mid-80s I've used computers to eliminate 
glue-cut-and-paste in graphical work. Started with PageMaker, supported 
by CorelDRAW! along with Paint Shop Pro (PSP). Now using mainly InDesign 
CS and PSP with some Photoshop CS. PSP can be setup to be fast, very 
fast, much faster than Photoshop for production work. Interesting that 
Jasc PSP is now owned by Corel, who also products a Linux distro.

I want to use Scribus and The GIMP to replace the high-priced spread. 
When you think that PSP and FontLab, as does Scribus, use Python you 
would think Gimp would go that way too. We need cut-and-paste, 
drag-and-drop between Scribus and Gimp don't you think, to make the work 
flow quicker. Look what Adobe is doing to CS with their new release: 
everything works together. The PSP built-in browser and the flexible, 
user alterable menu structure provided by Python makes it possible. Sure 
wish Gimp or Scribus has a built-in image browser. <grin>

Help up the good work fellows... we are all pulling for the Linux teams.

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Robin Rowe wrote:

> Peter,
> Good, I'd rather not take sides or discuss it either. It doesn't 
> bother me that some prefer another application. It's for sake of 
> curiosity when I ask why.

>> It should be crystal clear to all.. Our wish is to deepen
>> our working relationship with all the F/OSS graphics
>> applications to the exclusion of none.
> Thank you!
>> I think one of the really great things which adds to
>> Scribus is the open, friendly and respectful tone on
>> this list, IRC or wherever we might visible.
> I'm new here and wasn't sure what to expect. Glad to hear 
> professionalism is the standard.
> Cheers,
> Robin

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