[Scribus] CinePaint

Robin Rowe rower
Tue Apr 5 22:33:31 CEST 2005


> That is why at the suggestion of several developers
> we formed an openicc list on freedesktop.org.

Thanks for doing that!

> Well actually, there are more links in the chain,
> not just the graphical apps, but Ghostscript,
> Imagemagik, CUPS and gimp-print
> (becoming gutenprint) to name a few.

Glad you include them too, although they might take issue with not being 
included as graphical apps. They have GUI components. When I spoke recently 
at the San Gabriel Valley Linux Users Group and the UCLA Linux Users Group I 
showed my slides using ImageMagick.

> That said, I think it is important to understand we
> on the Scribus team do NOT want to take sides
> discussing GIMP and Cinepaint, nor should it be
> a topic here.

Good, I'd rather not take sides or discuss it either. It doesn't bother me 
that some prefer another application. It's for sake of curiosity when I ask 

> It should be crystal clear to all.. Our wish is to deepen
> our working relationship with all the F/OSS graphics
> applications to the exclusion of none.

Thank you!

> I think one of the really great things which adds to
> Scribus is the open, friendly and respectful tone on
> this list, IRC or wherever we might visible.

I'm new here and wasn't sure what to expect. Glad to hear professionalism is 
the standard.


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