[Scribus] software politics

Robin Rowe rower
Tue Apr 5 21:13:34 CEST 2005


>> Just wondering, why would it make you happy to
>> have a successful open
>> source project disappear?
> Not disappear, but to rejoin from whence it sprang.

But the CinePaint team didn't spring from GIMP. We merely reused some code 
they had abandoned in a deliberately forgotten branch of GIMP CVS.

> Cinepaint forked a long time ago. I hope that the time
> that has passed (and the rotation of people  through the
> project) might have brought about some hope of reconciliation
> between the camps - since the ego's that would have been
> trodden all over during the fork may have had time to heal.

You're hallucinating that any egos were trodden upon. To abandon code 
contributed by the film industry was a unanimous internal decision made by 
GIMP in 2000. The GIMP leadership today are the same folks from 2000. That 
we, as uninvited strangers who appeared later, disagree with their opinions 
is what angers them.

> As I said, I just wish that cinepaint and the gimp could reunite
> to become something greater than either of them are (or will
> ever be) while apart.

Nobody can reunite with a project they were never a part of. By suggesting 
that reusing some of their abandoned code makes us an offshoot of the GIMP 
project or that we have personal feelings to heal you vastly misrepresent 
the truth.

In open source you're supposed to reuse code if you can. Many well-meaning 
and not so well-meaning people have attacked my character for doing that.

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