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Ashley J Gittins scribus
Tue Apr 5 18:27:23 CEST 2005

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005 06:50 pm, Robin Rowe wrote:
> Ashley,
> > I can only offer my own opinion here. The single, ultimate, nothing else
> > in
> > the world matters at all thing that cinepaint absolutely needs to do to
> > make
> > me happy is... unfork.
> Just wondering, why would it make you happy to have a successful open
> source project disappear?

Not disappear, but to rejoin from whence it sprang. The Gimp and Cinepaint 
together would be, as they say, more than the sum of their parts. Matt's 
sentiments seem very closely aligned with my own, I think he has stated them 

> > As for the people who work on cinepaint, I'd love to see them reach
> > agreement
> > with the gimp team on how to implement colour management in the upstream
> > gimp
> > tree, and work towards making the Gimp the final answer to gui image
> > editing
> > on linux.
> You do realize the current CinePaint team was never part of GIMP 

I wasn't aware of that, but nor does it surprise me - Cinepaint forked a long 
time ago. I hope that the time that has passed (and the rotation of people 
through the project) might have brought about some hope of reconciliation 
between the camps - since the ego's that would have been trodden all over 
during the fork may have had time to heal.

> and that 
> the GIMP side hates my guts?

I am sad to hear that, and no, I was not aware. Hate is a terrible (and often 
misplaced) emotion - but I am sure there are some on the gimp team who do not 
hate your guts, they have just never been compelled to say so. 8-D

The very act of stating it is as likely as any other to make it true though, 

As I said, I just wish that cinepaint and the gimp could reunite to become 
something greater than either of them are (or will ever be) while apart. But 
for as long as the ego's are more important than the project, it will not 
happen. It's also quite possible that the codebases have now drifted so far 
apart that reintegrating is no longer possible, but that in itself would not 
necessarily stop the cinepaint team from bringing the film-based features to 
the gimp.

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