[Scribus] CinePaint

Matt matt
Tue Apr 5 16:31:11 CEST 2005

Hello all from sunny Central Florida, USA.

> > me happy is... unfork.
> Just wondering, why would it make you happy to have a successful open source 
> project disappear?

I agree with the sentiment that it would be _nice_ if the two could meet in the middle.
Gimp supporting all the neat video image formats that cinepaint supports
with cmyk, and cinepaint using the very pleasant gui and plug-ins that
the gimp supports. I certainly wouldn't want cinepaint to "disappear",
just blend with the gimp in many ways. Just my 2 cents (which should
promptly be devalued by 2 cents).
> ... GIMP side hates my guts?

Not being part of the original discussion, I would like to interject
that I was aware that cinepaint (filmgimp) has been around a long time,
and I use it from time to time. But this "hate" thing is unfortunate. It
is also something that can often be overcome.

As an end user of all three programs (scribus, cinepaint, and gimp), I
can say that the weak link is not having all the color adjustments in
one program. It would be very nice to achieve that AND have use of all
the formats for specialized imagery that cinepaint supports in that same
program. Then there is vector, but thats a whole other can of worms.

I like them all, I use them all. It is just an inconvenience to bounce
from program to program sometimes. Maybe someday we can get a nice
unified graphics program, but until then, you all do good work, and I
look forward to the advancements made by each.

Thanks for hearing me,

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