[Scribus] Official Debian Scribus package repository

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Fri Apr 1 22:38:52 CEST 2005


Those of you who run Scribus under Debian GNU/Linux may know that scribus or
for that matter any other package in the main Debian archive is usually not on
the cutting edge as it takes at least two weeks to get a newer package version
into the archive even if there are no problems with other packages we depend
on. So, to help those who would like to stay current with the Scribus
development without relinquishing any of the Debian Apt goodness you've come
to know and love Scribus development team set up a repository hosted at
scribus.net that you can use in addition to your regular Debian sources.

If you like things done automatically and properly add the following
source lines to your '/etc/apt/sources.list':

deb         http://debian.scribus.net/debian/ unstable/
deb-src     http://debian.scribus.net/debian/ unstable/

If you'd just like to grab a certain file from there you can simply browse to

I as the Debian maintainer of scribus packages promise you to do my best to
keep up with the releases of stable cvs series snapshots (currently 1.2.2cvs)
that are provided by mrdocs and include scribus, scribus-doc, and
scribus-template packages. I will also strive to provide at least one update
per week (and possibly more) for the unstable scribus-cvs series (currently
1.3cvs) unless there are serious bugs that prevent successful building or
running of the particular cvs version, which may delay another package release
for few days.

Please note that you can run both scribus (1.2) and scribus-cvs (1.3) packages
in parallel though no warranty is ever implied, of course, and scribus-cvs
uses a non-policy compliant location for its files (/usr/local/ hierarchy), so
the experimental sribus-cvs package will not appear in main Debian archive at
all and is only available from the scribus.net repository. You would run
/usr/bin/scribus to start a stable version and /usr/local/bin/scribus to start
the experimental 1.3cvs version of Scribus. Occasionally, the "scribus,
scribus-doc, and scribus-template" packages from the scribus.net repository
are going to be uploaded into the main Debian archive, so it should be as safe
to run them as those you get from the Debian servers and any testing/bug
reports sent to me personally are welcome.

If you have questions/concerns about running Scribus on debian please contact
me at the above email address.

Best wishes,


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